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Fire Risk Assessments Your Legal Responsibilities - 2023

Completing a Fire Risk Assessment is a legal requirement. If you’re responsible for a building, it’s your legal duty to do all you can to minimise the risk of a fire and keep people safe.

What is a Fire Risk Assessment?

A fire risk assessment is a process of evaluating a building or premises to identify potential fire hazards, assess the risk of a fire occurring, and implement appropriate measures to prevent or mitigate the impact of a fire. 

The assessment takes into account the building’s design, construction, and use, as well as the presence and suitability of fire safety equipment and measures, and the behavior of the people using the building. The goal of a fire risk assessment is to minimize the likelihood of a fire occurring, and to ensure that in the event of a fire, the occupants can evacuate safely and the damage to the property and the environment is minimized.

Why complete a Fire Risk Assessment?

By carrying out a fire risk assessment, potential fire hazards can be identified, and appropriate measures can be taken to mitigate the risk of fire and its impact.

This not only helps to meet legal obligations, but also promotes good business practice by reducing the likelihood of property damage and business interruption caused by a fire. The assessment also provides a clear plan of action in the event of a fire, ensuring that all occupants can evacuate safely and emergency services can respond effectively. Ultimately, a fire risk assessment is an essential tool for protecting people, property, and the environment from the devastating effects of fire.

Did you know that a fire risk assessment is a legal obligation under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005?

The order applies to all non-domestic properties in England and Wales, and places a duty on the ‘Responsible Person’ to ensure that fire safety measures are in place and regularly reviewed. This means that if you own, manage, or control a commercial, industrial, or residential building, you are legally required to carry out a fire risk assessment.

Failure to comply with the legal requirement for a fire risk assessment can result in severe consequences, including hefty fines, imprisonment, and, most importantly, the safety of occupants being put at risk.

Fire Brigade Advice

The Fire Brigade have fantastic free resources available to help with fire safety at home and at work, see here for an extensive library of fire safety information :

What equipment do I need? offer the most up to date advice on fire safety and equipment, its resource library offers fire safety information for homes and businesses.

Government Guidance


In addition to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, other legislation related to fire safety in the UK includes:

– The Building Regulations 2010: This legislation sets out the minimum standards for building design and construction to ensure fire safety.

– The Housing Act 2004: This legislation requires landlords to ensure that their properties are safe from the risk of fire and comply with fire safety regulations.

– The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974: This legislation requires employers to ensure the safety of their employees in the workplace, including from the risk of fire.

Failure to comply with fire safety legislation can result in legal action and fines. It is therefore important that responsible persons for premises take their responsibility to fire safety seriously and ensure that their premises are safe for their staff, visitors, and occupants.

How can Fire Safe London help?

Our team of professional fire safety consultants has extensive experience in completing fire risk assessments for a wide range of buildings, from small offices to large industrial premises. We can provide expert guidance and advice on all aspects of fire safety, from identifying potential hazards to implementing effective risk reduction measures.

We use a structured approach to assess the risks and provide a clear and concise report detailing our findings and recommendations. Our aim is to make the fire risk assessment process as straightforward and hassle-free as possible for you, ensuring that your building is compliant with fire safety legislation and that your occupants are safe.

Don’t take chances with fire safety. Contact us today to arrange a fire risk assessment and ensure the safety of your building and occupants.

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